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Greyhound Facts


*They have been clocked racing up to 72km/hr

*They will steal your couch

*They have been around for roughly 3500 years

*They will steal your heart

*They have 270 degree vision, meaning they can see some of the back of their head!

*They make wonderful family pets.

*They are no longer legally required to wear a muzzle in WA!

*They have a higher body temperature than any other dog

*They are still legally required to be leashed in Public places

*They have a universal blood type

*Greyhounds are mentioned in 11 of Shakespeare's Plays

Greyhound Myths


*They need a lot of exercise 

*They are aggressive and hyperactive 

*They can't live with small dogs and animals

*They love to race (nope, they love to run!)

*They need a large yard to exercise in

*They can't sit (difficult for some, natural for others)

*They need a special diet and lots of food 

*They aren't real dogs 



Promotional Event Displays

We have over 10 years of experience attending a variety of open days, markets, and events throughout the South West.

We have a small group of professional volunteers, and their hounds, who provide one-on-one interactions with the public.

Past Displays include - 

RUOK day events

Eaton Foreshore Festival

Pet Expos

Various Markets

Bunbury, Bridgetown, Busselton, and Margaret River

Agricultural Shows

PETStock Adoption Days

Store Openings

Bunbury Fringe Festival.

City of Bunbury Christmas Parade




  • At each display we have our experienced volunteers with their leashed hounds ready to meet the interested public.

  • We supervise each and every interaction with the hounds and our volunteers all follow a code of conduct for events.

  • We provide brochures and leaflets with information regarding all WA Greyhound Adoption groups.

  • At certain times we have hand crafted items for sale with all proceeds going to display costs and the Bunbury Prison Greyhound Program.

Photos from past displays

No events at the moment


   Greyhound Pets For Life was officially founded in 2019 by a small group of Greyhound owners, who saw a need for public education, and promotion of retired racing greyhounds.

   With the assistance of Greyhound Angels WA, we have been able to interact with our hounds in a positive way with the public, in order to dispel common myths and falsehoods regarding the breed.

   Our Aim is simple, to promote adoption, fostering and rehoming of retired racing greyhounds. Our group promotes all greyhound adoption groups throughout WA and does not support nor condemn the racing industry.

   We provide current information regarding adoption and fostering requirements from all groups, and encourage prospective owners to be aware of the sighthound specific tendencies, behaviours and current legalities.

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Susan Wells

Greyhound Pets For Life


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Greyhound Pets For Life

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Henty, 6236

Western Australia

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